Do I Need Travel Insurance

With the current global COVID-19 pandemic looming over us, travel insurance has become an important consideration in planning your vacation.  wanted to better understand just how travel insurance works given the world in which we currently live.  So, the team committed hundreds of hours to research what policies have which sort of coverage and how they may affect your next trip.

The result is a guide on the best travel insurance featuring a side by side comparison of 4 different companies voted “best for” in various categories and a handful of other great providers.  The insurances were assessed on their coverage, benefits, financial strength, and price and reputation.  Beside these options, tour operators and cruise lines also offer great travel insurance that we take into consideration for your vacation.  Beth of Twin Peaks Travel Agency is also an insurance agent for Travel Guard Insurance Company which is also an excellent company to consider.

Whether you chose travel insurance for your international or domestic trip, make sure you understand exactly what’s covered. There are different categories for the basic coverage, as well as limitations for coverage such as alcohol use and extreme sports. One additional coverage that has been highlighted with the current global pandemic is the Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) add-on; it’s considered the “Cadillac of cancellation coverage” and as the name suggests, acts as one of the few add ons that will allow you to cancel for any reason.  Be sure to check out this guide and make sure you understand the fine print before booking your next trip and consider what additional options you may need, if any.

Note that there are alternatives to travel insurance, but as always, it’s always important to understand what it entails and read the fine print.  The alternatives include consulting your airline for any flight issues, checking in with your current health insurance to see what they cover, and even calling your credit card company with whom you’ve booked your travel with to see what sort of options they allow for your travel.

Nonetheless, when you are planning your next big trip, don’t let the possibility of the unknown stress your travel plans. Deeply consider your travel insurance options so that you can travel worry and hassle-free.  The expert travel advisors of Twin Peaks Travel are available to help you decide which option is best for you.

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