Hawaii – An Island Overview

If you are like most who have never been to Hawaii, the state’s islands blend into a mass of unpronounceable vowels and indistinct images of a tropical paradise. The geography of the islands is not difficult, however, and all it takes is one trip to make visitors long to become experts. So if you have… Read More

Slideshow: Which Caribbean Island Is Right for You?

If your mental picture of the Caribbean is a stereotypical stock image of a palm tree arching over a pristine white beach, it may be time to revisit the region. The Caribbean is dotted with dozens of island nations, each with its own unique offerings for travelers. Read the full article here: http://www.independenttraveler.com/resources/article.cfm?AID=1197&category=27 Read More

Book Now and Save a Bundle

“While you may be dreaming of a summer vacation, a change of plans might be in order. Airfares can be radically cheaper in January and February, when airlines offer great deals to fill up planes during the slowest travel months of the year.” According to George Hobica of airfarewatchdog.com January and February can be the… Read More

Visit Michigan: Now is the Time!

Early this morning Governor Snyder’s plans to invest in Michigan’s tourism was announced. He plans to put $25 million per/year back into the state which should make for some beautiful and interesting travel destinations. It sounds like now is the time to start booking your trip to the freshest new American travel destination! Read the… Read More

Five Family Travel Ideas

Take a break from your routine this spring and explore a new city with your family. Hot travel spots are everywhere you look in this country such as: the beautiful views of California, the sights of St. Louis, camping at Lake Powell, touring Boston and everywhere in between. For more great ideas and details check… Read More