Found quite by accident and very glad that we did!

We had traveled to Riviera Maya in Mexico for a vacation in January 2012 booked by our travel agency-Twin Peaks Travel and were looking for a dive shop in Playa Del Carmen to go diving with. We had been walking up and down the streets of Playa Del Carmen and found a dive shop just off the shopping strip. We decided to check it out and when we found a sign on the front door, indicating that it was closed, we sat down on the steps to take a break. Manuel arrived back at the shop a short time later and we struck up a conversation and after about 5 minutes, we knew that we had found the shop to go diving with.

Dive Shop Mexico is a family run business and they specialize in cavern and cave diving. We signed up for a day of scuba diving the Cenotes and we drove to Chak Mool. They only take a maximum of 4 divers on cavern dives and they are very safety conscious. The pre-dive briefing by Andrea was complete, concise and very clear. The dive was beautiful and very informative. The sensation of crossing from clear fresh water, into a layer of warmer salt water on the bottom was exhilarating and a little eerie. Manuel led our dive group of 3 in and out of caverns and into the air dome, where formations of stalactites and stalagmites dangled just a few inches away from you. It really is an experience that you need to try!!

Our next dive was to Tortuga, led by Manuel’s wife, Natalia. It was a beautiful day and the ocean was calm and the water clear. Once again, our dive group consisted of 3divers and the briefing was excellent. Not a lot of sea life was at this location that day, but the second dive took us to Tarpoon, where we saw sea turtles, a large stingray and a rather long and temperamental green moray eel, which was slightly miffed by us bothering his siesta!

The only detail that may concern you is that the resorts on the north side of Cancun, will not allow the dive shops to pick up from the resorts. Something to do with the taxi companies upset that the dive shops in the area are taking business away from them. It will cost you about $15.00 to get to downtown Playa by taxi and about $40.00 to get to Cancun.

Take the time to check out Dive Shop Mexico and drop in and talk to Natalia, Manuel, Andrea or Sybil. You will find them very personable, friendly and accommodating. Their shop is clean and cozy and it is obvious that they care about the safety of their divers. Their prices are better than most of the shops that we had investigated.

Thanks for the wonderful time, the personal attention and for making us feel like we were part of your family. We will be back again! Happy Bubbles!!

Written By: Sergeant Gregg Lotspeich, Frederick Colorado Police Department

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques Yves Cousteau

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